Wednesday, June 16, 2010

The "NRA Party" Strikes Again

A new bill trying to get through congress this week, which has the noble intention of creating greater (or, really, ANY) transparency for political contributions by corporations and lobbyists, now includes a provision to exempt the National Rifle Association from the most critical of it's provisions.

After the incredibly ill-conceived pro-business/anti-citizen (sub)Supreme Court ruling earlier this year allowing "unlimited campaign spending by corporations, unions and other groups" (excerpt from Reuters article linked below) a bill like this is necessary to ensure that these powerful organizations can't just run roughshod over our already overly corporate-run political system. However, because the "NRA Party" of the US Government is so powerful, those Democrats trying to get the bill passed have had to put an exemption for the National Rifle Association, limiting the affect the bill would have on the NRA to basically none.

According to Reuters, "under the accord, the NRA, one of the most influential lobbying groups on Capitol Hill, would not have to disclose its top donors on its campaign ads." Which begs the question, why is the NRA so embarrassed about who it's contributors are? Or, why are supporters of the NRA so embarrassed that they don't want to be known as contributors to the NRA

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